Friday, October 8, 2010

VBScript Length property

Length property

Back to text search to find the length of the match.


object parameter is always a Match object.

The following code shows the Length property:

Function RegExpTest (patrn, strng) Dim regEx, Match, Matches''to establish variable. Set regEx = New RegExp''the establishment of regular expressions. regEx.Pattern = patrn''set the pattern. regEx.IgnoreCase = True''settings are case-sensitive. regEx.Global = True''set to full usability. Set Matches = regEx.Execute (strng)''perform a search. For Each Match in Matches''traverse Matches collection. RetStr = RetStr & match & I & at RetStr = RetStr & Match.FirstIndex &. Match the length of RetStr = RetStr & Match.Length RetStr = RetStr & characters. & VbCRLF Next RegExpTest = RetStrEnd FunctionMsgBox (RegExpTest (is., IS1 is2 IS3 is4))

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